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Spellstone Lifestyle May 2015
"Right at Home: Textiles bring midcentury-modern style home. by Kim Cook AP"

Country Living Magazine April 2015
"Featuring fabric design 'Lost Umbrella by Alex Morgan"

Luna Artist Jenni Alpert and her Henna Oasis. May 2012
"Every time I pull the guitar out of the case, without fail at least one person will ask what kind of guitar it is"

Fiona Silver song writer and multi-instrumentalist, playing mainly on ukulele and guitar, April 2012
"I play the Luna Mo'o Ukulele. I was attracted to it because of it's full sound"

Teja Bell guitarist and producer plays a Luna Vicki Genfan Signature Model, April 2012
"Audiences love the appearance and most importantly they love the sound of these instruments"

Jon Way reviews Luna's Henna Oasis. Check it out!, January 2011
Beautiful sound and moving images of the Luna Henna Oasis

Paz Lenchantin Feature in Bass Player Magazine, January 2010
"Renowned henna artist Alex Morgan's work features on the paisley-style gloss cedar pickguard"

Vicki Genfan's USA Luna May 2009
"Luna unveil the first USA Luna created by master luthier Gray Burchette for Vicki Genfan, winner of Guitar Player Magazine's 2008 "Guitar Superstar" award. Luna commissioned Alex Morgan, the renowned UK Henna artist that created the rest of Luna's Henna designs, to render the OM symbol in a simple, elegant composition. This was then laser etched on the soundboard."

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